South African based Medi-Safe Surgicals (MS)

is a globally recognised manufacturer of surgical safety scalpel solutions.

Today Medi-Safe Surgicals has a 15% market share of the traditional safety scalpel market in the United States. This market is the world’s most sophisticated, due to its advanced health and safety act, which endorses the review and use of safety devices in healthcare. In addition to our United States market, Medi-Safe is active in its home country of South Africa, as well as in Malaysia, Germany, Holland, Spain, France, Sweden, Ireland and the UK.

Medi-Safe Surgicals continues to enjoy unabated double-digit growth due to our global market penetration.

The secret of our success

Our secret is simple. We take the time to obtain crucial input from our customers, surgeons, nurses, surgical kit suppliers and other users of medical scalpels. This valued customer input ensures that we maintain a pro-active development program.

Innovation is a cornerstone of our business philosophy. We continually challenge our designs and product quality to ensure on-going improvement to safety features and the introduction of new features, in line with user requirements.

Based on these key principles, we are able to deliver the finest safety scalpels in the world.

Your safety is our business!