Safety Scalpel


The MS™ Safety Scalpel

Top Activated, Retractable, Single Use

Traditional surgical scalpels have changed very little over the past century. Attaching or removing a scalpel blade is a cumbersome process, often resulting in injury. While this presents an obvious risk to healthcare workers, there is an equal, less obvious risk to patients if a surgeon or assistant is accidentally cut during a procedure.

Other causes of injury might be

  • A lapse of concentration while passing a used scalpel with exposed blade between medical personnel, during a procedure
  • Protruding scalpel blades from sharps bins
  • Misplaced or dropped scalpel blades.

At Medi Safe, we are well aware of the resulting impact of injury on productivity, ensuing family or social issues, stress on healthcare workers and the cost of potential treatment following a disease transmitted through a sharps injury.

Why take the risk of touching a used surgical blade when you can use a disposable safety scalpel that is sterile, ready for immediate use and can be easily and safely disposed of? The MS™ Safety Scalpel is designed to reduce the risks inherent to surgical procedures with traditional scalpels.

So why an MS™ Safety Scalpel?

Because 15% of American scalpel users can’t be wrong!

The MS™ Safety Scalpel is not only accepted by surgeons around the world, it has also become the safety scalpel of choice for kitpackers the world over

The benefits of the MS™ Safety Scalpel speak for themselves.

  • No passing of scalpel with exposed blade
  • No attaching or removing of blade from scalpel handle
  • Peace of mind – no compromise of your professional skills and technique
  • Simple, convenient, effective, affordable

Safety Scalpel

Product Features

The MS™ Safety Scalpel features place the product in a class of its own:

  • Top activated
  • Ribbed, ergonomic handle affords comfortable, well-balanced grip
  • HOLDFAST™ top activated slide latch fits with natural placement of user’s fingers and acts as a ‘Front Lock’
  • Audible clicks indicate blade position (retracted, extended and final lock for disposal)
  • CRYSTALCUT™ ‘Transparent Blade Holder & Slider’ ensures an unobstructed view over the blade and cutting area
  • Handle and slide latch design suitable for both right and left-handed users
  • Time-saving – packed for immediate use
  • Fully closed front end – no blade movement
  • Scalpel sterile and ready for use
  • Can be supplied non-sterile for kit packing (can be gamma or EO sterilized)
  • Largest range of blade sizes available: 10, 11, 12, 15, 20, 22, 23, 24, E11 and Stitch Cutter
  • MS™ ‘Final Lock’ feature prevents re-use – this is a World Health Organisation requirement.

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  • Blade size on slide latch
  • New slide latch
  • Larger arrow
  • More consistent slide – better feel overall
  • Improved blade stability

Safety Scalpel

Instructions for use

  1. Remove scalpel from sterile pack.
    (Sterile only if package is NOT opened, damaged or broken. Intended for single use only. Do NOT re-sterilise)
  2. Push the slide latch forward until the latch clicks into position.
    The scalpel is now ready for use.



  • To retract the blade; pull the slide latch back until the latch clicks into position.
    Visually check that the blade is fully retracted.
    The scalpel is now in the safety position.
    To use again repeat step 2.


  • Once the procedure is complete:
    Repeat step 3 then pull slide latch further back with force until the latch clicks into the final lock position.
    The scalpel is now ready for disposal.






Safety Scalpel