MS Retractable Safety Scalpel


Top Activated, Retractable, Single Use.

Traditional surgical scalpels have changed very little over the past century. Attaching or removing a scalpel blade is a cumbersome process, often resulting in injury. While this presents an obvious risk to healthcare workers, there is an equal, less obvious risk to patients if a surgeon or assistant is accidentally cut during a procedure.

Sold as a box of 10 scalpels per blade size.

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The MS™ Safety Scalpel

At Medi Safe, we are well aware of the resulting impact of injury on productivity, ensuing family or social issues, stress on healthcare workers and the cost of potential treatment following a disease transmitted through a sharps injury.

Why take the risk of touching a used surgical blade when you can use a disposable safety scalpel that is sterile, ready for immediate use and can be easily and safely disposed of? The MS™ Safety Scalpel is designed to reduce the risks inherent to surgical procedures with traditional scalpels.

So why an MS™ Safety Scalpel?

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